Best Western Vega Hotel is an Official Media Hotel for World Athletics Championships 2013 in Moscow, 10-18 August

London (PRWEB UK) 13 August 2013

The Best Western Vega Hotel has been chosen to be a base for accredited media representatives and will host the around-the-clock sub press center during the World Athletics Championships 2013 in Moscow. The press center will be open until 19th August.

“The media representatives are from all over the world and Best Western Vega Hotel makes sure that they have everything they need. Our staff provide excellent 24 hour assistance to make sure our guests are happy, and the press center runs smoothly” says Alexander Polyakov, the Deputy Director of Best Western Vega Hotel.

There are international crews staying at the hotel such as Getty Images, Deutsche Presse Agentur, SN TV, Associated Press, EPA European Press Photo, Radio Slovenija, Radio France Internationale, Al Jazeera Sport and the official reporters of IAAF.

The Best Western Vega Hotel has experience in hosting sporting events, and has all the facilities required to host large number of guests, and provide assistance and service 24 hours a day. The conference and the business center are equipped with the latest technology, and can easily turn into an operational hub for this activity.

Best Western Vega Hotel as an official media-hotel also has an available shuttle service to the stadium. The shuttle service has dedicated lanes to avoid traffic, and secure, safe and fast passage to the stadium. From the Vega Hotel to the Luizhniki Stadium is about a 30 minute drive.

The Best Western Vega Hotel recently hosted the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2013 in June. The Vega Hotel was proud to host many athletes and reporters who appreciated the hotel facilities and the hotel also featured in live radio reports for the games.

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SKEWE Exchangeable Leg Weights for Sports Activities are Subject of New Indiegogo Fundraiser

London, UK (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

Nejc Mramor and Klemen Bizjak, a team of young engineers from Slovenija, have just announced the launch of a fundraiser on the Indiegogo website. The two hope to raise enough money to help produce their SKEWE new weights designs that is done differently from traditional leg weights.

As the two engineers explained in the article that accompanies their Indiegogo fundraising campaign, SKEWE are exchangeable leg weights for enchanting every sports activity. This includes everything from overall fitness to martial arts, paragliding and rehabilitation uses.

The full kit of SKEWE leg weights will include two pairs of three different weights each, in 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 kg sizes. This translates to a total of 12 different insert combination possibilities.

The SKEWE exchangeable leg weights will be ideal for runners, who can choose the best weight of the inserts to help improve their training time. As a bonus, instead of having to purchase new ankle weights every time a runner is ready to increase his or her resistance, the athlete merely needs to change the SKEWE inserts.

The same is true for those who like to get out and walk or hike; people can select the most comfortable insert weights that are best for them and their physical condition.

Mramor and Bizjak noted that there are plenty of other advantages to using SKEWE inserts; for example, bicyclists can get a more targeted training of their hamstring muscles, and people who practice Pilates will get a bigger pull when they are working out. Marital arts fans can use them to help with their leg training as well as their speed and strength, and paragliders can even utilize SKEWE to help achieve the perfect gliding angle and the maximum flying speed.

Even people who are recovering from a sports or other injury will be able to safely and effectively use the SKEWE leg weights to help with their progress.

“When the leg muscles are weak and you start rehabilitation training, you can use SKEWE to start slowly gaining your strength back,” Mramor said, adding that everyone can combine the inserts for their own personalized training and/or recovery needs.

Anybody who would like to learn more about the SKEWE exchangeable leg weights is welcome to visit the Indiegogo website at any time; there, they can read more about the innovative weights and how donors will be rewarded for their contributions. People can also follow the progress of the product by “liking” the SKEWE-Facebook page.

About SKEWE Exchangeable Leg Weights:

SKEWE Exchangeable Leg Weights are the brainchild of Nejc Mramor and Klemen Bizjak, two engineers from Slovenija. The weights can be used during many types of physical fitness routines as well as during rehabilitation. The engineers recently launched a fundraiser on Indiegogo to raise money to produce the handmade weights. For more information, please visit

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Power Intro to Kontakt 5

Power Intro to Kontakt 5

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Contact lens and its Different Types

Contact lenses have been improved a lot since its invention. When contact lens was first invented people found it uncomfortable to wear as they were thick and irritating to the eyes. Most people who felt difficult to wear these thick lenses stopped using them later. Contact lenses are worn by people with vision problems and color lenses are used by fashionstas to have an attractive eye.

Previously the costs of the lens were very high, but the costs started to drop down when lenses were manufactured using innovative technologies. Needless to say improvements were also made in the materials which were used to manufacture the lenses. Now you can find different types of high quality lenses including numaralı lens at different rates at online store.

Currently there are wide ranges of options in contact lens and they are neither bulky nor made from heavy pieces of glass. Comfort levels of contact lenses like Kontakt lens are very high and they can be used in people with vision problems. Contact lenses are of two types and they are soft lens and permeable lens which is rigid. Permeable lens is also commonly called as hard lens and the option varies between the two depends upon the need of the person and the type of the vision problem they are encountering.

Plastic polymer is one of the key substances used in the manufacture of soft contact lens. It allows oxygen to flow through it and you will be feeling very comfortable with this lens in your eyes. There are some disposable lenses which can be used for one day and disposed off. Most people select these types of lenses as they do not have to clean it every day. These lenses do not make you feel uncomfortable and the chance of debris getting collected into your eyes is also very low. As you change new pair everyday you will not have dry eyes or you will face the dry eye syndrome. Contact lenses like numaralı lens are more comfortable for your eyes and you will never feel irritated with this lens on your eyes for the whole day.

Soft contact lenses are available in tinted and different colors. You can easily change the color of your eye by choosing your favorite color. Lightly tinted contact lenses can offer a cooling effect to your eyes. Before you start wearing the contact lenses it is good to seek the advice from an eminent ophthalmologist. He can help you to choose the right lenses needed for your eyes. Always go for branded contact lens, they are made from high quality materials which help to maintain the right vision for your eyes.

Popular contact lens like numaralı lens helps you to maintain a normal eye sight. You can stay comfortable with Kontakt lens while driving or playing any games.

Kontakty s parallel nym mirom

Kontakty s parallel nym mirom

Kontakty s parallel nym mirom

Kontakti s parallelnim mirom Nowaa kniga iswestnogo ghurnalista Irini Shlionskoi Kontakti s parallelnim mirom poswashena fenomenu wsaimodeistwia tcheloweka s sushnostami is inih ismerenii, opisiwayet tonkoenergetitcheskiye sposobi kontaktow s okrughaushim mirom, a takghe paranormalniye sposobnosti ludei. Kniga isobiluyet interesneishim faktitcheskim materialom o ludah-asnowidcah, gostah is sagrobnogo mira, gumanoidah i newidimih wampirah. Ona wwodit tchitatela w mir tchernoi i beloi magii, infor